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Juggling John (aka John Hayns) is an accomplished physical-comedy-circus type performer, never happier than when doing clever, funny, stupid and/or dangerous things with people watching. His recent engagements have included a medieval banquet, an 18th birthday at the (very posh) Benenden Girls School, a group of Norwegian businessmen in an Indian restaurant in Soho amd teaching a group of nuns how to mime… to say he is highly adaptable is an understatement!

Apparently John made eveyone sit down at his own 6th birthday party to watch him perform magic tricks! He was taught to juggle at the age of twelve by a friend of the family. He went on to enjoy free entrance to many a May ball when studying for an Engineering degree at St John’s College, Oxford. This was also where John received his grounding in fire eating, street performance and children’s entertainment.

After university he was a professional children’s worker for four years before leaving to take formal mime and physical theatre training at the Desmond Jones School, one of the top three mime schools in the world, where he was a star pupil.

As well as being Juggling John, he does grown-up walkabout magic asmagician Johnny Oxford (www.johnnyoxford.co.uk) and runs the entertainment agency Jugglers Etc (www.jugglersetc.com) for children’s entertainment and children’s parties in and around London and Oxford.

When not performing or rehearsing, John also works as a webmaster and marketer for ZANE, a charity helping people in Zimbabwe. He often does this in the library of the Oxford Union, where it amuses him to be mistaken for an academic.

John’s hobbies include playing guitar, reading, cooking, kayaking and trampolining. Here is a short video of John performing a 1 3/4 somersault on the trampoline:

John is married to a Church of England priest and has three boys aged 8, 13 and 16.

One thought on “About John

  1. We are having an opening party for an exhibition at the Chelsea Arts Club on Tuesday the 19th May in the small garden that they have. We are looking for a juggler and wondered if you might be interested?

    To add, it would be wonderful if you could juggle with flower pots or bunches of flowers as the show is all about garden designers…

    I hope this appeals to you and hope to hear from you soonest

    With kind regards


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